Planning & zoning

The Planning & Zoning reviews proposed amendments to zoning ordinances, site plans, and plat applications, and also makes recommendations to the Council regarding the current and future development of the City of Crofton. 

The City of Crofton 's Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for the following:

  • Enforcing building codes
  • Enforcing zoning regulations
  • Administering ordinances for permits and inspections
  • Enforcing dwelling standards ordinances
  • Condemning and removing hazardous buildings
  • Scheduling and conducting building inspections

Our Building Codes and Inspections Department take on the  responsibility within our community of the following:

  • Enforcing building codes and
  • Ensuring the health, safety and general welfare of our citizens.


If a resident intends to submit a zoning permit application, it should be submitted well in advance to starting construction. The approval process can take a few weeks in order for the Zoning Administrator to review the application and to get approval from utility companies and city staff. For questions regarding zoning permit requirements or help in properly completing a zoning permit application, contact the city clerk, and the Zoning Administrator volunteer will contact the applicant with assistance.


Contact Info

Donna Cook City Clerk
Planning & Zoning Administrator
1210 W 2nd st