Economic Development

Economic Development in the City of Crofton is a key ingredient leading to the success of our city today. Helping local business and outside companies looking to relocate to the City of Crofton through various incentive plans, tax abatements, and resources, with the overall goal of enhancing the City of Crofton through the promotion of economic growth. 

There are some available business locations and buildings with a variety of square footage. 

NPPD is a very good partner and provides vital statistics for Crofton along with other locations in Nebraska.  Please click here to view current economic information about us

Get information about help for starting a new business or help for an existing business.   Contact REAP (Rural Enterprise Assistance Project) at or at 402.736.4417.  REAP is providing financing and technical assistance in support of community development, including startup and expansion of small businesses, creation of jobs and other community assets, improving access to services and ownership opportunities especially for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged people.

Croftons Economic Development

Economic Development Director's office is located in the City Office.
Knox County Revoloving Loan Fund
Knox County Revolving Loan Fund can help fill financial gaps, and assist businesses with expansion and/or retention of existing businesses.
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How can you help out? Shop local and buy local!  It is amazing how it will sustain a community.
Knox County Visitor's Committee 
Has funds that are available from time to time visit the Knox County Economic Development for more information on; 

1) Promotion Grant: promote, encourage, and attract visitors to tourism facilities, events, and attractions in Knox County.
2) Improvement Grant: for capital improvements to attractions or facilities in Knox County.

Funds for these grants are provided by the 4% lodging tax revenue collected at hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts, and campgrounds in Knox County. 

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Want to know about Incentives offered in the Knox County, Down Payment Assistance, Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation, New Construction thru NENEDD, Online Training Programs Thru REAP, Knox County Leadership Group, Knox County Alumni Project

It's important to contact your local Economic Development Director if you have questions pertaining to your business needs!


Community Resources

Starting your own Business

Wanting to Expand your current business?

Looking for Housing Programs?   Please Click Here for more information!


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